About Robert

Personal Life

I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. The thing I loved most about living in Tucson (aside from family) were the Summer Monsoons…the smell of the desert would permeate through the air and it just smelled good. I moved to Phoenix just over 15 years ago and am currently residing in Scottsdale with two pretty awesome kids and my girlfriend.

My journey of self-discovery and learning started back in 2013. I was part of a workout/personal development group that was based on precepts of the major thought leaders in this field. From there I was introduced to PSI Seminars and have gone through their Basic, Life Success, PLD and Men’s Leadership courses. I continue to stay involved with PSI Seminars by volunteering as a small group leader at the Basic Seminar for adults and the Kids Basic. I have learned that the more I continually expose myself to the “work” the more I get out of it and the more I learn.


Professional Life

After years of working for an industrial laundry and finally reaching an impasse that culminated in my departure I set out to learn a whole new industry.  This new start led me to learn about medical practice marketing, business to business sales and most importantly project management of website development and digital marketing projects. After five years in the digital marketing industry  I created RoVe Marketing and several years later started Zona Web Solutions & Intelligent Testing. My continued desire to create multiple revenue streams led me to become a Brand Promoter for Le-Vel (a nutrition supplement company) earlier this year.


I earned my Bachelors Degree from The University of Arizona and completed my MBA in Global Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


I your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact page to tell me what you like or a topic you would like me to explore.