Very fitting that the other day I saw an inspiring video of someone who was, based on what I saw, at the “Point A” of their fitness journey. I now find myself in the very same spot with this new blog. I am hanging out here on the interwebs starting a conversation that may or may not be read by anyone.

My vision for the “I Believe That I” Blog is for it to become a forum for family, friends and strangers (who may become friends) to learn about the experiences: of guest contributors, the events I have learned from and through articles I curate on various topics.

I will share my wins and most importantly my “fail forwards.” I’m excited to embark on this next journey and am excited about what experiences have yet to come. I look forward to having you along with me.

What seems like only a few years back I was in the best shape of my life. I began working on my health shortly after I was let go from an industrial laundry in the latter part of 2009. I continued my fitness journey with a nutrition/personal development group back in April of 2012 for two reasons: a) to improve from the plateau I had reached and 2) as a tool to hopefully save my ailing marriage at. It wasn’t until the following year that reason two had become nondescript and was asked for a divorce the following year.  I dove into my workouts rigorously and made efforts to recover and still save my marriage. I was blinded by the fact that it was essentially too late. There were too many mistakes, broken promises and commitments that loomed heavier than the possibility of reconciliation – I would eventually come to terms with the role that I played in its demise.

What did I do next? I hit the gym hard and was laser focused on my nutrition. The more time I invested in the group the more I got out of it both mentally and physically. I was introduced to PSI Seminars and attended the Basic Seminar. It was a breath of fresh air and I was able to learn more about the concepts I had been introduced to. Yet, I was still working through the grieving stages of my pending divorce.

The support I had from family and friends are what finally helped me push past much of the emotional devastation of my divorce. One friend in particular, who had traveled down his own bumpy divorce, essentially saved my life with a simple yet powerful phone conversation on a drive to Tucson. The drive back home that first day in October seemed longer than ever before and I convinced myself that I would be okay.

I still worked out hard and continued to work on becoming a better me. I set a goal that by my 40th birthday I would bench press as much as I ever weighed (265lbs) at least once. The Sunday after returning from the PSI Life Success Course and on limited sleep, I benched the weight handily. I was elated. I felt fulfilled. The goal I had set for myself of being in the best shape of my life when I turned 40 was well in hand. I had learned so much and felt like a beast physically.


Fast Forward to late 2016

The last couple of years flew by like gangbusters. I completed a couple more PSI Seminars Courses…Pacesetter Leadership Dynamics aka PLD and the Men’s Leadership Seminar.  Both courses were amazing and really helped me learn exponentially about myself, how I am perceived by others and most importantly – what I am capable of (if I get out of my own way). So much happened during this time: my divorce was finalized, I met my best friend, I launched two new companies, finally got to Florida (Disney World and South Beach) with the family and found myself in a phenomenal relationship with my best friend.

The new found happiness did come with a bit of a price. I had become complacent in keeping up with my physical self. I started gaining weight back that I had lost in the years prior and struggled with finding the motivation to get back on track. I lacked my why. In thinking back about it, I guess I did have a why; however, it was more of a Why Not. Cheeseburger and Fries, Why Not. Pizza, Wings and Beer, Why Not, Ice Cream, Why Not. I think you get the picture. I told myself that I didn’t care if I was fat, because I was happy. It was the truth I was happy. I stayed away from the scale because I was scared that it’s “sorcery” would evoke a number that would destroy the bubble of happiness I had crafted for myself.

Sooner than later the holidays were upon us and well. Why Not.

Part 3

For me, like for many others, the Holiday Season starts with Halloween and continues through the New Year’s. I was starting to realize as Halloween and Thanksgiving passed that I needed to make a change. I was no longer sleeping well, I was struggling with acid-re flux at night and horrible heart burn. I realized after going up a single flight of stairs how winded I became and started to come to terms with the fact that my “Why Not” philosophy was taking its toll on me.

Lucky for me I had already started to connect back with the seminar that had contributed to so much of my growth and happiness and was scheduled to staff one of the upcoming Basic Seminars. It was during this weekend that I realized that I was still as happy as ever emotionally, spiritually, financially, yet my physical self was crying for help and I hadn’t been listening. I set a 30 Day weight loss goal of 10lbs for myself that weekend and took some solid steps to move forward. I woke up early the Sunday of the seminar and hit the bricks for a jog. What felt like 2 miles was no more that 50 yards and I created a new word: “Walog” meaning not quite as slow as a walk, yet definitely not fast enough to be considered a Jog. The routine lasted for a short while. As Christmas got closer and closer the goal fell further and further to the back burner. The goal I had was still there…the 30 days had just about lapsed as we welcomed in the new year. While staffing the Basic Seminar I was reminded that each day is a new day to start new.

I reached out to a friend Stephanie who was in my small group and asked her about the company she was working for. She was aware of my 30 day goal and she educated me on products that could help me recover the energy that my poor nutrition and habits had robbed me of. Since it was the New Year, her company was sponsoring an 8 Week Challenge that could help me get started in the right direction. Even though, my timeline had lapsed. I committed to the challenge it was a opportunity to start brand new again. And so I did.

Time To Thrive!