Fast Forward to late 2016

The last couple of years flew by like gangbusters. I completed a couple more PSI Seminars Courses…Pacesetter Leadership Dynamics aka PLD and the Men’s Leadership Seminar.  Both courses were amazing and really helped me learn exponentially about myself, how I am perceived by others and most importantly – what I am capable of (if I get out of my own way). So much happened during this time: my divorce was finalized, I met my best friend, I launched two new companies, finally got to Florida (Disney World and South Beach) with the family and found myself in a phenomenal relationship with my best friend.

The new found happiness did come with a bit of a price. I had become complacent in keeping up with my physical self. I started gaining weight back that I had lost in the years prior and struggled with finding the motivation to get back on track. I lacked my why. In thinking back about it, I guess I did have a why; however, it was more of a Why Not. Cheeseburger and Fries, Why Not. Pizza, Wings and Beer, Why Not, Ice Cream, Why Not. I think you get the picture. I told myself that I didn’t care if I was fat, because I was happy. It was the truth I was happy. I stayed away from the scale because I was scared that it’s “sorcery” would evoke a number that would destroy the bubble of happiness I had crafted for myself.

Sooner than later the holidays were upon us and well. Why Not.

Part 3

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