For me, like for many others, the Holiday Season starts with Halloween and continues through the New Year’s. I was starting to realize as Halloween and Thanksgiving passed that I needed to make a change. I was no longer sleeping well, I was struggling with acid-re flux at night and horrible heart burn. I realized after going up a single flight of stairs how winded I became and started to come to terms with the fact that my “Why Not” philosophy was taking its toll on me.

Lucky for me I had already started to connect back with the seminar that had contributed to so much of my growth and happiness and was scheduled to staff one of the upcoming Basic Seminars. It was during this weekend that I realized that I was still as happy as ever emotionally, spiritually, financially, yet my physical self was crying for help and I hadn’t been listening. I set a 30 Day weight loss goal of 10lbs for myself that weekend and took some solid steps to move forward. I woke up early the Sunday of the seminar and hit the bricks for a jog. What felt like 2 miles was no more that 50 yards and I created a new word: “Walog” meaning not quite as slow as a walk, yet definitely not fast enough to be considered a Jog. The routine lasted for a short while. As Christmas got closer and closer the goal fell further and further to the back burner. The goal I had was still there…the 30 days had just about lapsed as we welcomed in the new year. While staffing the Basic Seminar I was reminded that each day is a new day to start new.

I reached out to a friend Stephanie who was in my small group and asked her about the company she was working for. She was aware of my 30 day goal and she educated me on products that could help me recover the energy that my poor nutrition and habits had robbed me of. Since it was the New Year, her company was sponsoring an 8 Week Challenge that could help me get started in the right direction. Even though, my timeline had lapsed. I committed to the challenge it was a opportunity to start brand new again. And so I did.

Time To Thrive!

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